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Minnesota Homes Listings Search Buying a home or other real estate is a fairly rare event for most people. Since it’s not something you do regularly, you may not be sure about the best way to proceed. Often, home buyers flounder around, looking for an ideal home that doesn’t exist or wasting time looking at properties that just aren’t suitable for their needs. Too often, home buyers are unprepared for the difficult and time-consuming job of finding their ideal home. However, there are some strategies that can help make looking for a new home more successful and less stressful. At our REMAX Realty team, we’ve helped hundreds of home buyers find homes that match their dreams and at prices that match their budget. Here are some strategies we’ve found to help you as you begin your search:

  • Define Your Goals – Before beginning your home search, sit down and discuss what your new home should be like. Determine the needs of your family, as well as the features you want your new home to have. As your goals come together, make notes that detail all the things you’re looking for in your home, from location and price range to design and amenities. The better your definition of your ideal new home, the better your chance will be to find it.
  • Assess Your Means – How much you can afford to pay for your new home is rarely evident at first glance. Before setting a price range, detail your current financial situation and expenses and make an accurate assessment of your future prospects and needs. As too many people discovered in the past few years, overbuying can lead to serious problems.
  • Get a Loan Pre-qualification – Visit the lender you plan to use to finance your next home. Discuss your plans and work with the lender to find out how much you can safely borrow for a mortgage. Be absolutely honest with the lender, and compare your loan pre-qualification amount with your goals. Always keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to buy as much as you can borrow. If you don’t have a lender in mind, contact us for suggestions. We proudly partner with Watersonte Mortgage: Troy Mlenar, Liz Peter, Jason Roaldson and Mike Ouverson.
  • Find a Buyer’s Representative – Engaging a brokerage to act as your buyer’s representative is a smart move. A buyer’s agent has your best interests as their primary goal, and will work to help you get the best possible deal. Choose your buyer’s agent carefully. Look for proven success and a great sales record before making your choice. Share your goals and price limits with your buyer’s agent and let him or her help you in your search. Our REMAX team is always glad to act as a buyer’s representative, and our success at helping home buyers realize their dreams is outstanding.
  • Start Your Search – Today, you can do much of your home searching from the comfort of your home. Property listings search tools, like those on this web site make it easy to find homes that match your specifications. We offer extensive online home search tools on this website, capable of the fine-tuning you need to narrow your search to show you exactly the homes that fit your needs. In addition, our licensed Realtors can search all Minnesota MLS Listings for you.
  • Stay Flexible – You may have a clear mental picture of what you want your next home to be, but keep an eye out for homes that may offer unique reasons to stray from that image. By being flexible, you expand the number of possibilities, and may even find something better than you expect. From location and style to floor plan and other factors, the more flexible you can be, the more potential homes you’ll find that suit your needs.
  • Watch for Opportunities – Relatively minor flaws in a home can seriously affect its price. If you can correct those flaws yourself or have them corrected at a reasonable price, you may be able to realize considerable savings and leverage your budget to make a great deal. Don’t automatically reject a potential home bargain over a minor problem that is easy to correct.

Help Minnesota Home Buyers, One at a Time

Choosing our REMAX agents to represent you is one way to assure yourself that your search for a new home will be smooth and successful. We help hundreds of people each year locate and buy a home that fits their needs and budget. Our real estate search engine can help you find homes of interest, and our dedicated professional agents who are Northstar MN MLS can show you any home you find in your search, along with other homes that fit your criteria. Then, our negotiation skills and assistance can help you make the best possible deal. We’re also a rich source of advice and suggestions to help you in your search. Contact us to discuss your home ideas or to arrange showings of homes you find in our powerful property search engine. We’ll always give our all to make your search a successful one.